Here’s how to switch your puppy to raw feeding

It’s always an exciting time introducing a new puppy to your family. Whether you’ve been thinking about getting a pet for some time to keep you company while living alone, adopting a new puppy for your first pet as a couple, or being a family looking for a dog that will be a best friend forever for you children, having a puppy is a very rewarding and fun experience. One of the most important things to consider when getting a new puppy is diet and nutrition. What your puppy eats will make them fit for life, so you may have considered all of the benefits of feeding them raw. This is how you can successfully switch your puppy to raw food.

Move the food right away:

Unlike switching from one commercially available dog food or dry food to another, mixing your puppy’s dry food with raw food is not recommended. This is because the different types of food require different intestinal pH levels in order for your puppy to digest. This could cause a reaction to the bacteria in the raw meat, which is sitting longer in the dog’s digestive tract due to the kibble mixed with it. If you want to switch to raw feeding, it is best to start the day fresh with a raw meal as the first meal of the day. Afterward, watch your puppy for signs of indigestion.

Start small:

A raw diet for your puppy can be an exciting move with many different meals available, but whether you want to prepare the food yourself or get prepackaged raw puppy food, it’s important to start small and with just one source of protein. Feed your puppy only one source of protein for at least a week to allow them to get used to their new diet before trying new food ideas. Bella and Duke are offering these instructions that you can use to safely feed your puppy full raw dog food. They can help you tailor a diet for your puppy that suits their individual needs.

Gradually introduce organ meat:

Offal are an important part of any raw food diet as they are filled with unique nutrients that will benefit your pup’s health and development. However, adding too much offal in your pup’s diet can lead to an upset stomach. Therefore, feed him sparingly and gradually increase him in your pup’s diet until giblets make up at least ten percent of his meals. Allow your pup to get used to their raw food diet for about 2-3 weeks before introducing giblets.

Feed little and often:

Because puppies are small and grow quickly, they benefit from eating several smaller meals a day compared to two larger ones. Until your puppy is around six months old, it is better to feed 3-4 smaller meals each day to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia and ensure that he is getting all of the nutrients he needs.

If you want your puppy to have the best start in life, a raw food diet can be an excellent choice to make sure he is getting all of the nutrients he needs.

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