how to get a cat to take a pill

How to Get a Cat to Take a Pill [Learning Guide]

If your cat refuses to take medication, you might have to disguise it. You can use a Pill Pocket or some other soft treat and hide the pill inside it. Give your cat 3-5 treats a day, 1pill-free, 1 pill-containing. You can also use lines on a plate to guide your cat as it eats.

I’ve never tried this method with my cats, but I know they’ve eaten their meds. My friend used a food dish with lines for her cat, who refused pills, saying it helped. If it works, it’s a great way to trick your cat into eating his meds. My cat has been taking meds for a while now. He’s very smart, and we’ve used the same method you mentioned. It works very well, but I still have to ensure he gets his meds daily. We have a good system.

1.  Use A Pet Piler

If your cat is having trouble taking a pill, try using a pill popper, a long plunger with a soft tip that dissolves a pill in liquid. Then, give your cats the pill, and offer food as a chaser. Using this technique will decrease the chances that your cats will try to swallow the pill and make the process easier for you.

While you are giving your cat a tablet, keep his head slightly tilted so that his mouth opens wider than usual. Using your other hand, gently push the pill onto his tongue from behind. Do not try to push the pill down his throat – he may be more sensitive.

If you can’t get your cat to take a pill on its own, enlist the help of another person to help you with the procedure. A second person can be extremely helpful in easing your cat’s anxiety and making the process easier.

While giving a tablet to your cat, stand behind it and grasp its shoulders. While holding the tablet, restrain your cat from running away. You can also use a towel to cover your cat’s head so it can’t run away.

2.  Coating A Pill to Get a Cat to Take a Pill

One of the best ways to get a cat to take a medication is by coating the tablet with butter. This helps it go down the throat easily and gives a pleasant taste. However, if the cat does not swallow the tablet easily, you can also try squirting water into the mouth.

The gravy from your cat’s favorite wet food can be a good option for coating the pill. Butter can be particularly helpful in getting a cat to take a tablet because it has the ability to be licked, so your cat will want to eat it. Likewise, chasing the pill with a drink may work, but it is not as effective as licking it.

3.  Hide the Pill in the Food of the Cat

The option is to hide the pill in your cat’s favorite treat. Catnip can be a good option, as most cats like it, and you can even hide the tablet in a piece of wet cat food. Some cats may even beg for it. However, you must ensure that the food is safe for your cat. Try not to give it too much salt or processed meats.

4.  Liquid Suspensions Can Get Stuck in A Cat’s Esophagus

Liquid suspensions taken orally are often at risk of getting stuck in your cat’s esophagus. To avoid this, be sure to shake the container constantly and follow the directions on the container. If your cat swallows a pill or liquid suspension, it can become lodged in its esophagus and cause serious problems. In the event that you suspect your cat of swallowing a tablet or liquid suspension, call your veterinarian to schedule an examination.

Cats generally prefer to inspect their surroundings with their mouths and occasionally ingest something too large to pass through their esophagus. This foreign body can become lodged in the esophagus, causing pain and inflammation. In severe cases, the foreign body can cause an obstruction of the esophagus and a blockage of the intestines.

The most common complication associated with foreign bodies in the esophagus is esophageal stricture formation, in which scar tissue forms along the esophageal wall. After the foreign body is removed, a recheck endoscopy may be necessary to make sure there has not been any deterioration in the lumen of the esophagus. The recheck may be performed after two weeks to ensure that the foreign object has not returned.

5.  Use a Pill Plunger

It’s simpler to get your cats to take a pill using a pill plunger device, also called a pill gun or pill dispenser. This device eliminates the need to put your fingers in the cat’s mouth, reducing the risk of a bite. International CatCare advises holding your cat in place while loading the pill. Then carefully releasing it, so it lands at the back of its tongue. Make sure your cat drinks water or eats wet food. In case of questions, you should read the product instructions carefully and contact your veterinarian.

6.  Grind the Pills up in a Tricky Way

Giving your cat a pill can be tricky, but grinding them into a powder before giving it to them can make the process easier. This will also help you ensure that your cat gets the full medication dosage. To grind up pills for your cats, get a mortar. And pestle or any pill grinder and crush the pill into a fine powder.

You can also use the back of a spoon to grind up the pills if you don’t have a mortar and pestle or grinder. Once the pills are ground, mix them in with your cat’s food, so they don’t even realize it!

Some cats may be more suspicious than others, so if your cat is not eating their medicated food, try mixing a bit of wet cat food. Or tuna juice in with the powder to make it more appealing. If all else fails, you can also use a pill pocket, a treat filled with the medication your cats won’t be able to tell apart from their regular treats. No matter how you do it, grinding up the pills beforehand will make getting your cat to take a pill much easier. Good luck!

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