how to teach a dog not to jump

How to Teach a Dog Not to Jump

If you want to prevent your dog from jumping, you must first teach him not to jump. Dogs love human attention and will learn quickly that patting them when jumping is unacceptable. Instead, if you see your dog jumping, use your leg to push it off and tell it to stay down.

Why is it Not Good to Jump a Dog?

Jumping is a behavior that can become annoying, dangerous or both. Allowing your dog to jump on people not only puts them at risk of injury but also puts them in an uncomfortable situation. Dogs naturally want to greet their owners and other people with excitement, but when they do this by jumping on them, it can be scary or even dangerous.

How to Teach Your dog not to jump by Avoiding Touch

The main goal of this exercise is to discourage your dog from jumping up on people. This will eliminate the immediate reward that jumping gives your dog – attention. Instead of touching your dog when he jumps, try lying down or sitting so your friend can stroke him. Then, if he jumps again, immediately correct him with a big fuss.

Jumping dogs are often anxious or excited. As a result, they may jump to get attention. However, if you try to stop them by yelling “NO!” or pushing them away, you reinforce the behavior. Instead, prevent the behavior by teaching your dog to behave in an incompatible way.

One way to prevent your dog from jumping up is to greet new people with the command “sit.” Often, a dog may be excited about a new person but will react positively only if the person is calm and does not touch them. This will help teach your dog that greeting people is a reward, not an expectation.

Practice A Lot In A Short Period

When you want to teach your dog not to jump, make sure that you practice frequently. You can use arope or an exercise pen to practice this behavior. You can also play the red-light-green-light game with your dog and step back whenever it tries to jump. This is a great way to get your dog to understand that it should not jump when you approach.

One of the best ways to train a dog not to jump is to use treats. You can offer treats before your pup starts to jump and after the jump. Remember not to reward too much because too much attention will lead to more jumping. Ensure all four feet stay on the floor before rewarding the dog with treats.

You should also use a leash to stop your dog from jumping. It may not be easyinitially, but remember that a leash is much safer for you and your dog. You can also try using an e-collar if you want to teach your dog not to jump. This device will keep your dog from jumping up, and it will also encourage it to sit.

Required Consistent Training

If you have a dog with jumping problems, it is essential to be consistent in your training. If you don’t reward your dog for not jumping, it will continue to try harder. It may even start barking instead. You should also control your greetings and move away from the dog if you see the dog jump.

EvadeInterrupting A Dog’s Behavior To Teach A Dog Not To Jump

The first step in training a dog not to jump is to keep it calm. Do not yell or scold it. Instead, please step away from the room or sit on a high stool to distract it. Then, return when the dog has calmed down. The dog may attempt to grab your shoes or sit on the floor, so be careful not to reward this behavior.

Avoid Letting the Jump Habitual

The way to discourage jumping is to avoid letting it become habitual. If your dog jumps up all the time when you are around, it may scare guests or get hurt. To prevent this behavior from escalating, put the dog on a leash or in its crate.

Another tactic is to use a bark-activated collar. These collars can be useful if your dog barks at visitors butthey are more expensive. Regardless of your budget, a bark-activated collar can prevent your dog from jumping by interrupting the barking.

Establish Boundaries

Whenever your dog approaches you or another person, give them a command such as “sit” or “down” and reward them with verbal praise or a treat when they obey it. This will help your dog understand that jumping is not allowed and can help them learn better manners.


Whenever your dog starts to jump, redirect its attention to something else, such as playing with a toy or going for a walk. This will help your dog understand that jumping is not the desired behavior and give them something else to focus on.


The way to stop jumping is by teaching your dog that the behavior will not get rewarded. In other words, instead of a jump treat teach or attention, give your dog something else instead. For example, put your dog on a mat or crate if you open the door. As for visitors, ensure your dog doesn’t approach them when you’re open. It is also helpful to tell your friends and family that you’re training a dog not to jump. This way, they can avoid giving you negative reactions or giving you any attention for jumping.

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